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I'm gonna try to write 15 Heroes fics for heroes15. Yikes.

But seriously, Nathan/Tracy need love.

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Icons -- Grey's Anatomy

I've been neglecting my beloved Mark/Callie lately so I thought I'd make it up with a batch of icons. Also, a bunch of old Grey's icons I never posted, for some reason.

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Fanfic -- Heroes -- "Parade"

Title: Parade
Author: Flora
Fandom: Heroes
Rated: PG
Characters: Peter Petrelli, Tracy Strauss, Nathan Petrelli
Category: future fic, au
Spoilers: eh, everything from Villains, I guess. Everything else is pretty much speculative.
Disclaimer: Don't own them.


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Nov. 9th, 2008

Oh my God, I need to buy THIS SHIRT right now!

Dammit, why isn't it available in the US?

eta: omg it IS! Must get the money to buy this.
I voted! I voted! I voted!

Oh, I feel so good! It's my first election ever and I'm SO proud and happy to be a part of it. This is HISTORY people! We are making history today and it feels AMAZING!

Also, now I'm on my way to get free Starbucks, free Krispy Kreme, and free Ben and Jerry's. What a country!

Nov. 3rd, 2008

Seriously? Fuck Grey's Anatomy. If Callie leaves the show I'm going with her. She and Mark are the only characters I care about.

Of course now Shonda is saying Callie is gay. Um, really? When did this happen, because I remember in the last episode Callie distinctively saying she loves sex with men.

God, why do I bother with this show?

Send in the Icons

I've been really lazy lately, so I decided to get off my ass and... well, SIT on my ass and make icons. That's my priority right now, never mind that I have no money and tons of bills to pay and rent coming up... God, I don't even wanna think about it. Why does life suck?

Meanwhile, I am getting SO into Nathan/Tracy it's not even funny. Like I don't already have a billion ships. I can't help it, though. They're so so SO pretty. And every time Nathan smiles at Tracy all smitten... my heart melts. Adrian, why so hot?

Oh yeah, what is this Tidwell/Dani fuckery? Get it together, writers.

[x] Heroes
[x] House
[x] Life

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Okay, I'm tired, so I'll stop there. But I'll make more soon, possibly from the YMCA.

Gossip Girl

Goodness, I found myself really liking Vanessa tonight! What are the writers doing to me? I'm specifically liking her relationship with Nate, who by the way is the BIGGEST GIRL ON THE PLANET OMG GROW SOME BALLS MAN!!

I think Vanessa has the right amount of maturity/strength Nate needs, although it's gotta be so infuriating to be with a man like Nate. He's so fucking soft. But I like them nonetheless in that sort of Cinderella story.

Also, more Vanessa/Rufus scenes made of ick ick ick! Oh God writers please don't go there. Please please please.

Chuck and Blair, hot as usual. But they seem to be one of those pairings that are better off just titillating each other til the very end. I'm sure if they hooked up and got all soft I'd hate it. I have faith in the writers. We'll see.

Dan and Serena... yawn.

WHY do I watch this show? It's such a guilty pleasure, though.

Mood Theme - Grey's Anatomy - Alex/Izzie

Oh my God, finally! Actually, these aren't that hard to make, the worst part is getting the pictures, but I'm lazy and I take too many days off blah.

I'm trying to finish the Mark/Callie one but I reckon that one will take me a while because it's hard to find pictures of them together. I'll have to include a few singles along the way, which is fine, I guess. Wish me luck!

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Aug. 19th, 2008

Why are men so stupid?

I went to the supermarket tonight and these three guys were tooling around the ice cream section. One of the spotted me, came over and asked me how I am, in that very sleazy "I'm picturing you naked" way. I said fine and walked away.

Then I'm about to pay and they decided to stand behind me. One of them starts talking, asking me my name and where I'm from and the three of them are basically eye raping me. Ugh! I couldn't have made it more clear that I wasn't interested but they kept trying to talk to me. I don't wanna be all Cher, but - AS IF!

Look, if a girl is being a bitch to you, SHE'S NOT INTERESTED! I don't know why some men can't get it. We make it SO obvious, and yet they keep insisting. Dude, stop embarrassing yourself.

Plus they were just so sleazy. Like, I was scared they were gonna follow me home. Why do people suck?